Enterprise Search Europe 2015 review – day 2

Not such an early start for me for Day 2 (I'd been up pretty late running the Meetup the night before) but I did manage to catch the very end of Findwise's presentation on their annual Enterprise Search and Findability Survey. This is a unique and valuable benchmark of the state of enterprise search - I urge you to read it, if for no oth...Continue reading

Why we won’t pay to play at conferences

One unedifying result of having been asked to speak on open source search at various events and conferences over the last few years is the discovery that not all events are equal - some genuinely wish to create a programme of interesting talks of value to the audience, and some simply wish to sell as much sponsorship as possible to those who would like to present. Some of the larger analyst firms are guilty of this behaviour - their Summits and Forums are often packed with talks by big-budget so...Continue reading

Enterprise Search Europe & a SuperSized Search Meetup

We've been helping to organise a new conference to be held in London this October, Enterprise Search Europe. This two-day event promises to give a 'European perspective on the technology, selection, implementation and optimisation of enterprise-scale search' and features speakers from 3i plc, Logica, The Guardian and a...Continue reading