Enterprise Search Europe & a SuperSized Search Meetup

We’ve been helping to organise a new conference to be held in London this October, Enterprise Search Europe. This two-day event promises to give a ‘European perspective on the technology, selection, implementation and optimisation of enterprise-scale search’ and features speakers from 3i plc, Logica, The Guardian and a number of search providers such as Findwise, Funnelback and ourselves (I’ll be talking on ‘Building a Strong Business Foundation with Open Source Search’ on the second day).

It’s going to be a busy time as I’m also chairing a panel on the first day and helping run the evening reception, which is co-hosted by the London and Cambridge Search Meetups – this is likely to be one of the largest Search Meetups ever and is sure to be a fascinating evening, featuring speakers from the conference in an informal setting (i.e., a pub!).

Hope to see some of you there.

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