Gardner, Janes, Nakken, Hugo & Nolan

gardner Lawyers

This small law firm have been using a basic and free search tool we developed some years ago, proving that for some search needs, simple is best! Contact us if you need a fully supported system.

‘We are a small law firm in Woodland, California. While we try to create and maintain directory structures that make document access as painless as possible, inevitably we need to find documents by their content rather than by filename, so we found ourselves in need of a content based search system accessible by all our users. We’ve been using Flax Basic for our content search engine for over five years, and have found it invaluable.

Aside from the fact that the price is right (free on the server when other solutions can be very expensive, and accessible to users via their web browsers), the system is fairly easy to install and customize, since those processes are well documented, and users find it intuitive and easy to use. We have Flax Basic indexing well over 100,000 documents for us. It has saved us hours of time and a huge amount of frustration when we find it necessary to find documents by content. I recommend it even though it is no longer supported by the Flax folks.’

Dave Hugo