We can develop customised solutions to fit your requirements perfectly, working as a key part of your team.

We can design and build a complete search solution for you, or develop components as part of a larger system. Our consultants are highly experienced and have a wide range of experience of programming languages, platforms and hosting solutions. We are happy to work independently or in larger teams.

If you are upgrading an existing search engine we are confident we can match and usually comfortably exceed existing indexing and search performance figures. We can also add modern search features such as facets, spelling suggestions and geolocation using the leading open source search engines, Apache Lucene/Solr and Elasticsearch.

Your data may be held in databases, flat files, Apache Hadoop or proprietary systems – we are expert at extracting this data for indexing, converting it to plain text as necessary and formatting it appropriately for search. We build high performance indexing systems using software such as Logstash and Apache Kafka and can also develop visualisations and dashboards for your data using Kibana.

We can also tune search accuracy and relevance using proven methods, drawing on user behaviour and your own deep knowledge of your content, allowing you to be confident that your search is working well both now and in the future.