Flax have been instrumental in helping us achieve more relevant results across our various music search platforms. Since working with them we are a huge leap forward from where we were, they have been great at helping us increase our understanding of the technology allowing us to continually improve our search sites for our broadcast clients.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing,
Will Clark, Head of Business Systems Innovation

We have worked with Flax on a number of occasions to give my team support in the specialist area of search technology. Flax helped us install and customise an open source search engine to help power a FAQ / Helpdesk system which was used by Cambridge City Council for many years.
More recently we have worked with Flax on an E-Commerce project for Comtec Direct. Flax supplied training and consultancy on the use of Apache Solr for a complex E-Commerce project, the result is a super-fast faceted search which the client is very happy with.

Flax have been a fantastic partner, really adding value to my team

Studio 24,
Simon R Jones, Managing Director

Flax have helped us at Historic England to implement and configure our new Solr/Lucene search, which was one of the main pillars of our Digital Programme. From day one we found Flax to be approachable, helpful and hugely knowledgeable – including making us aware of the opportunities now opened up to us by our improved search.

Historic England,
David Head, IMT Digital Programme Manager

We needed a new search engine to give our users better results when searching our catalogue of 250,000 products; we knew that Elasticsearch was the solution for us but complicated integrations into our site and internal systems meant an out-of-the-box installation would not suffice. Flax’s experience and expertise got us up and running quickly with a bespoke solution providing connections to our systems and a custom control panel for us to administer the system.

Nick Gushlow, Senior Developer

We hired Flax to help us with switching out our old commercial search engine with a new Solr-based platform. This was a monumental task, also involving translating many thousands of old, complicated stored queries into a new language. Throughout the project and beyond Flax has been flexible, easy to work with, extremely competent and able to devise good solutions to complex problems. We consider them a key partner.

Klaus Wenzel Jørgensen, CTO

Flax came into our search-overhaul project at a crucial moment, when most approaches we’d tried had turned out to be dead ends. After one day we had a new direction we hadn’t considered and proof that it could perform. After a few weeks we had a working skeleton of our new search infrastructure. We are now set to complete the project on time, thanks in no small part to Flax’s creative contributions.

Douglas Squirrel, VP Engineering

‘Eagle has been fortunate to work with Flax on a number of occasions. Their deep knowledge and expertise in search has been invaluable, and their experience of working on real-world projects brings significant advantages. As an example, they worked with us to design and prototype an ontology-aware search service in less than a week. If we’d had to do this on our own this would have taken a lot longer and we would not doubt have encountered many obstacles which Flax’s experience helped us avoid.’

Eagle Genomics Ltd.,
Glenn Proctor, CTO

‘The transition to Solr was the latest step in our strategy to develop a truly worldclass search application. We believe it provides a robust architecture that meets our future aims, it will scale economically and is a welcome addition to our existing suite of Open Source systems.

Flax were a trusted partner throughout the work, brought significant expertise, and helped ensure we completed the project on time and to budget.’

Reed Specialist Recruitment,
Philip Pegden, IT Director

‘The new search engine indexes all our documents quickly and gives our users search results in less than a second. Flax’s long experience and expert knowledge of enterprise search has been invaluable – they had the new system up and running in a matter of days.’

C Spencer Ltd,
Charles Spencer, Managing Director

‘Although our requirements were not straightforward, Flax has taken on the challenge and has been key to our implementation. The team is friendly, hard working and very talented, we are happy to have chosen Flax for Search.’

Chambers and Partners,
Chirdeep Tomar, .NET Engineer

‘Flax’s expertise in implementing high-performance search and monitoring systems was invaluable. They delivered a component that works seamlessly with the other parts of our system and allows us to process thousands of items every day’

Dods Parliamentary,
Andy Heather, CTO

We are a small law firm in Woodland, California. While we try to create and maintain directory structures that make document access as painless as possible, inevitably we need to find documents by their content rather than by filename, so we found ourselves in need of a content based search system accessible by all our users. We’ve been using Flax’s software for our content search engine for over five years, and have found it invaluable.

Gardner, Janes, Nakken, Hugo & Nolan Lawyers,
Dave Hugo