Better search for life sciences at the BioSolr Workshop, day 2 – Elasticsearch & others

Over the last 18 months we've been working closely with the European Bioinformatics Institute on a project to improve their use of open source search engines, funded by the BBSRC. The project was originally named BioSolr but has since grown to encompass Continue reading

Cambridge Search Meetup: free postcodes from old maps & visualising fish

Last night was a particularly hot Cambridge Search Meetup: someone suggested that next time we lash four punts together and float down the river - would certainly be a little cooler though I'm still not sure how to rig a projector! Our first speaker was Nick Burch who told us about a fascinating past project of his to source freely available postcode data for the UK. His team collected out-of-copyri...Continue reading

An open day on open source search from Sirius & Flax

We spent Friday at the riverside offices of Sirius Corporation, our support partners, for the first and hopefully not the last of their Open Days on open source enterprise search. We were lucky to have Mike Davis, a very well known and highly experienced analyst to open the talks - despite suffering from flu he gave an engaging talk on why open source ...Continue reading

Chalk and cheese – the difficulty of analysing open source options

David Fishman of Lucid Imagination has blogged on how open source search is treated by the analyst community (you can even use his links to get hold of some of the reports mentioned for the usual price of your contact details). We can add to his list a report from the Real Story Group<...Continue reading