Intranet search event

Intranet Search was the theme for a small gathering last night at the (rather imposing) Ministry of Justice in London. We heard from Luke Oatham on intranet search at the Ministry itself, powered by Google over a reasonably small set of static and hand-published HTML. Simon Thompson continued with a neat way of enhancing Sharepoint search, using JQuery to create an auto-complete tool for his company intranet, which interestingly displayed both ‘people’ and ‘page’ results in the same drop-down menu. Tyler Tate couldn’t make it to the event due to bad weather, but bravely volunteered to present over Skype on a (surprisingly good) 3G connection, and talked about handling diverse data (video, slides). Next up was our very own Tom Mortimer talking about indexing security information (of which more later) and we finished up with a quick talk from Rangi Robinson on the intranet at Framestore, with search powered by the open source Sphinx project.

Thanks to Simon Thompson and Angel Brown for organising the event and inviting us to speak.

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