Finding French TV with Flax

We’ve recently been working with mySkreen, who like Hulu in the U.S. provide a service for finding and viewing television programs via your web browser. mySkreen is the brainchild of Frédéric Sitterlé, previously Head of New Media at the Le Figaro media group.

mySkreen works with French-language content, and is currently indexing over 1.6 million programmes (and counting). Using Flax, you can search using programme title, actors, genres or time periods. We also added some innovative query parsing to translate fuzzy queries such as ‘tomorrow evening’ into more exact time periods, and some clever ranking so that ‘more easily available’ programmes appear higher in the search results. We also added faceted search and automatic spelling correction.

This was a fast-moving project with a very quick turnaround: we first visited mySkreen in Paris in August and delivered customised code to them less than four weeks later; the flexibility of Flax and the open source model helped to make this possible.

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