What we do

We are an award-winning team of specialists providing outstanding search solutions

As specialists in all aspects of search and related technology, we have deep experience of many of the search systems available today, including Apache Lucene/Solr, Elasticsearch and Xapian. The open source software we favour can be used to build cutting-edge search, monitoring and classification applications in conjunction with other software such as Logstash, Kibana, Apache Kafka, Apache Samza and Apache Hadoop.

Whether designing a new search system or upgrading your existing search architecture, we can add powerful new features such as facets, geospatial search and spelling correction. We can also help you tune search relevance so you can be sure your upgrade is successful.

We are experts in all aspects of search: from migrating from legacy systems including FAST ESP, Verity, Autonomy IDOL and Endeca, extracting data from internal and external sources, to building fast indexes, tuning search accuracy and creating elegant user interfaces. We can also build taxonomy and classification systems to help you organise and categorise your documents, and have particular experience of monitoring systems using stored search queries.

We can help you scale your systems to potentially billions of items while making significant savings on your hardware budget. We provide a quality service to clients across the world with excellent, personalised support, and in conjunction with our partners can provide training on open source search software.