Elasticsearch Consulting

Flax offer expert Elasticsearch consulting

The Elastic Stack can be used to acquire data from many different sources and search, analyze and visualise it in real time.  We can review, design and build Elasticsearch applications for you, train your staff on Elasticsearch, tune Elasticsearch to give your users the most relevant results and provide full ongoing Read more

The fun and frustration of writing a plugin for Elasticsearch for ontology indexing

As part of our work on the BioSolr project, I have been continuing to work on the various Elasticsearch ontology annotation plugins (note that even though the project started with a focus on Solr - thus the name - we have also been developing some features for Ela...
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Elasticsearch vs. Solr: performance improvements

I had been planning not to continue with these posts, but after Matt Weber pointed out the github pull requests (which to my embarrassment I'd not even noticed) he'd made to address some methodological flaws, another attempt was the least I could do. For Solr there was a slight reduction in mean search time, from 39ms (for my original, suboptimal query structure) to 34ms and median search time from 27ms to 25ms - see figure 1. Elasticsearch, on the ...
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Elasticsearch vs. Solr performance: round 2.1

Last week's post on my performance comparison tests stimulated quite a lot of discussion on the blog and Twitter, not least about the large disparity in index sizes (and many thanks to everyone who contributed to this!) The Elasticsearch index was apparently nearly twice the size of the Solr index (the performance was also roughly double). In the end, it seems that the most likely reason for the appare...
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Elasticsearch vs. Solr performance: round 2

About a year ago we carried out some performance comparison tests of Solr (version 4.10) and Elasticsearch (version 1.2) and presented our results at search meetups. Our conclusion was that there was not a great deal of difference. Both search engines had more than adequate performance for the vast majority of applications, although Solr performed rather better with complex filter quer...
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Talks: Replacing Autonomy IDOL with Solr, Elasticsearch for e-commerce & relevancy tuning

I'll be speaking at several events over the next few weeks, in the UK and abroad. On the 19th of November I'll be at the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress in Vienna, to talk about how we helped our client Infomedia migrate from a closed-source search engine (Autonomy IDOL and Verity) to a new platform based on Apache Lucene/Solr<...
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Elasticsearch Support

Responsive and effective, we offer best-in-class support for Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana

When you ask Flax for Elasticsearch support, you'll have direct contact with our engineers. We're more than happy using email, phone, internet chat or VOIP - whatever works best for you. We can support the whole ELK Stack. In addition to support we are happy to provide any required training on Elasticsearch, so your staff c...
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