We've done some great work, for some great companies

We work closely with our clients to ensure they get the best possible results. We can tune the performance and accuracy of an existing system or develop new software components to fit your requirements exactly.

  • Gardner, Janes, Nakken, Hugo & Nolan

    Gardner, Janes, Nakken, Hugo & Nolan

    This small law firm have been using a basic and free search tool we developed some years ago, proving that for some search needs, simple is best! Contact us if you need a fully supported system.

    'We are a small law firm in Woodland, California. While we try to create and maintain directory structures that make document access as painless as possible, inevitably we need to find documents by their content rather than by filename, so we found ourselves in need of a content based search system accessible by all our users. We've been using Flax Basic for our content search engine for over five years, and have found it invaluable.

    Aside from the fact that the price is right (free on the server when other solutions can be very expensive, and accessible to users via their web browsers), the system is fairly easy to install and customize, since those processes are well documented, and users find it intuitive and easy to use. We have Flax Basic indexing well over 100,000 documents for us. It has saved us hours of time and a huge amount of frustration when we find it necessary to find documents by content. I recommend it even though it is no longer supported by the Flax folks.'

    Dave Hugo
  • Dods Parliamentary

    Dods Parliamentary

    Dods Parliamentary, providers of comprehensive and trusted political reference data since 1832, asked Flax to provide a component to automatically map political information from a large variety of sources to user interest profiles. Flax also assisted Dods with performance tuning of an existing archive search engine based on Apache Lucene/Solr and helped train Dods staff on this and associated technologies.

    'Flax's expertise in implementing high-performance search and monitoring systems was invaluable. They delivered a component that works seamlessly with the other parts of our system and allows us to process thousands of items every day'

    Andy Heather, CTO
  • Chambers and Partners

    Chambers and Partners

    Leading legal publishers Chambers and Partners asked Flax to assist with implementation of a search engine based on Apache Solr for their brand new website.

    'Although our requirements were not straightforward, Flax has taken on the challenge and has been key to our implementation. The team is friendly, hard working and very talented, we are happy to have chosen Flax for Search.'

    Chirdeep Tomar, .NET Engineer
  • Assettradeex


    AssetTradex asked Flax to assist with performance tuning of an Apache Solr-powered search engine for construction, mining, farming, transport, medical and shipping equipment.

    'We turned to Flax to help us in the development of a structured search engine for used equipment. As the system required a fast search capability we chose to use Apache Solr, however our own developers struggled to get the required performance. Flax performed an initial diagnostic and followed up with revised search code the performance of which exceeded our expectations. During the first meeting, Flax demonstrated deep domain expertise and immediately understood our functional requirements - more importantly they ultimately delivered on their promise. Very refreshing!'

    Eric Usher, Managing Director
  • Cambridge University Press

    Cambridge University Press

    Cambridge University Press, the publishing business of the University of Cambridge, asked Flax to assist with performance tuning of an Apache Solr-powered search engine for one of their high profile digital products.

    'Flax helped us at very short notice with a Solr performance problem, working with both our local and offshore teams to remove a significant bottleneck – their expertise was invaluable.'

    Anthony Joyes, Technical Services Manager for Cambridge University Press
  • Bride&GroomDirect

    Bride & Groom Direct

    Bride & Groom Direct is the UK's leading provider of bespoke wedding invitations, stationery and accessories. Part of the Worldwide Taylor Corporation, and with 1 million unique visitors each year, the Bride & Groom website is the first post of call for many brides and grooms at the start of their wedding journey. Boasting over 4,500 SKUs, a refined search facility is essential for customers to find exactly what they're looking for, from Save the Dates, Invites, Thank You Cards, Gifts and more.

    'We had a version of Apache Solr running on the website already, but Flax highlighted that this was prehistoric and lacked many essential search features needed by today's shopper. With their help, we have updated our systems, and developed a modern search facility that gives our customers a better user experience. We built product images into the search dropdown, and included other out-of-the-box features such as autocomplete and spelling correction. The result is an optimised search system that our visitors love.'

    Kristin Bogumil, Multi-Channel Digital Manager
  • Cabinet Office

    Government Digital Service

    The Government Digital Service is a new team within the UK government's Cabinet Office tasked with transforming government digital services.

    Flax assisted the team with tuning of the Apache Solr search engine for the e-petitions website and also with migration of the search facility on www.gov.uk from Apache Solr to Elasticsearch.

  • AAP

    Australian Associated Press

    Founded in 1935, AAP is the national news agency of Australia. Employing more than 800 people, it provides a comprehensive domestic and international news service to the Australian media – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Flax delivered a new print media monitoring system for Medianet Monitoring, a division of Australian Associated Press.

    “Flax worked with our development team very closely to identify our requirements and to test every aspect of the new system – we can't afford to miss any articles of relevance to our clients. When we first saw the new system in action we were astonished how fast it was.”

    Kylie O'Reilly, Managing Director of Medianet.

    The system built by Flax is based on Apache Lucene. It replaced a previous closed source search engine and is 20 times as fast, while providing a backwards-compatible syntax. Read more in a detailed case study (PDF).

  • Reed

    Reed Specialist Recruitment

    Reed Specialist Recruitment is part of Reed Global, which also includes Europe's biggest jobsite - reed.co.uk; one of the world's leading Welfare To Work providers - Reed In Partnership; and the UK's learning provider of the year - Reed Learning.

    “The transition to Solr was the latest step in our strategy to develop a truly worldclass search application. We believe it provides a robust architecture that meets our future aims, it will scale economically and is a welcome addition to our existing suite of Open Source systems.”

    “Flax were a trusted partner throughout the work, brought significant expertise, and helped ensure we completed the project on time and to budget.”

    Philip Pegden, IT Director

    Flax built a custom indexer, configuration manager and performance tester and provide 24/7/365 support via their US partners Lucid Imagination. Search response times have dropped from minutes to sub-second. Read more in a detailed case study (PDF).

  • gorkana


    Founded in 1880, Gorkana is the UK's leading media monitoring company with over 6000 clients from every sector of the economy. The company monitors 10,000 UK sources continously (plus sources from over 100 other countries) and scans over 1.5 million news pages a month.

    “We considered several leading commercial vendors of search software, but eventually decided that Flax's open source solution was the most appropriate in terms of performance, flexibility and cost. The Flax team's experience in developing custom search applications was also an important factor, as we knew this project would present unique challenges in terms of scaling and accuracy.”

    Stephen Wicks, CTO

    The Flax media monitoring solution matched and enhanced the features of an existing closed source search product and led to a 85% reduction in the hardware required. The new system is highly scalable and in some cases has reduced 'false positives' from 95% to only 5%. Read more in a detailed case study (PDF).

  • Tait

    Tait Communications

    Tait Communications is a global leader in designing and delivering radio solutions which are the right fit for a variety of industries including public safety agencies, government services, utilities and urban transport providers.

    “We considered a variety of commercial, closed source search engines including search appliances, but chose Flax due to the flexibility of their open source solution and the way it allowed us to index millions of documents at a much lower cost.”

    Frank Gebhardt, ICT Manager

    Flax indexes millions of documents in various formats across the corporate network, automatically capturing access control information so that users can only see search results they are permitted to. Read more in a detailed case study (PDF).

  • FT.com

    Financial Times

    When the Financial Times decided to bring their digital press cuttings in-house in summer 2010, they asked us to build a powerful ’search server’ that they could easily integrate into their existing product offerings.

    We built an indexer for the XML source data and a RESTful Web Service API. Initially designed as a small-scale prototype, the system scaled easily to indexing hundreds of thousands of pages. You can use the service at http://presscuttings.ft.com.

  • Myskreen


    Flax powers mySkreen, a French language service for accessing online television programmes.

    mySkreen provides users with a way of finding legally available content on video on demand (VOD) services online, with a 15 day programme guide and a way for users to find, save, view and review programmes.

    “We needed a very fast turnaround, and the Flax team responded to our needs very quickly”.

    Benoît Bergstörm, CTO

    mySkreen indexes over 1.6 million programmes, and features custom query parsing and ranking, spelling correction and faceted search.

  • Ibuildings


    “Lemur and Ibuildings, the PHP web development company, partnered for a delivery at the start of 2009 for a major UK TV channel. The work itself is of strategic importance to that business, and the exact nature of the project confidential.

    What we can say is that the skills of Lemur and Ibuildings were utilised to the max, as the project demanded an extremely fast turnaround and deep knowledge of natural language search and sentiment analysis within a complex application framework.

    The customer was delighted with the results, and Ibuildings and Lemur proved that their engineers work as a joined up team, delivering to the customer needs.”

  • Mydeco


    Flax is woven into the latest offering from Brent Hoberman of lastminute.com fame, mydeco.

    This pioneering website lets you search over 1.5 million items from hundreds of suppliers of interior design.

    Flax is used throughout the site, providing autocompletion of user queries and automatic suggestion of related items.

    Results can be dynamically filtered by price range and facets such as Designer and Retailer, or by user tags.

    Read the press release here (PDF).

  • Newspaper Licensing Agency

    Newspaper Licensing Agency

    Flax is part of the Newspaper Licensing Agency's pioneering NLA eClips system.

    The service provides journalists and librarians at the national and regional publishers with access to a central database of digital clippings.

    NLA eClips provides users with PDF images of the original articles and newspaper pages from all contributing publishers.

    Read a case study [PDF] of how Flax helped the Newspaper Licensing Agency, and try searching UK newspaper articles with Clipsearch.

  • Millward Brown Precis

    Millward Brown Precis

    “Millward Brown Precis used Lemur Consulting to develop leading edge data visualisation for its innovative Precis:cubed service, which mines web content and analyses brands and messages communicated.

    We have been very impressed with the professionalism of Lemur, who produced the required work on time and within budget.”

  • Unversity Of Cambridge

    University of Cambridge

    Development of Bamboo, a searchable database for academic data:

    “I have worked with probabilistic search systems for fifteen years and they have provided superb tools which I have never found replicated elsewhere.

    I am naturally delighted to continue the link between the University and those who who have worked in this field.”

  • E-Therapeutics


    Flax is being used as part of a DTI-funded collaborative project undertaken by e-Therapeutics PLC.

    As part of this project a searchable index of over 100 million web pages has been created, proving the scalability of the Flax platform. Read the press release [PDF].

  • Enfold Systems

    Enfold Systems

    Flax is being used by U.S. based integrator Enfold Systems as part of their software suite based on the Plone content management system.

    Customers using Flax include The Airports Council International - North America.

  • Studio24

    Studio 24

    Lemur Consulting installed and customised Flax as part of the Studio 24 FAQ/Helpdesk system, now used by Cambridge City Council.

  • Open Objects

    Open Objects Software

    “Lemur Consulting's wide range of expertise in different search engine technologies makes them invaluable partners when developing solutions for our clients.

    We have worked together on a number of key client solutions and Lemur's assistance has been crucial to successful delivery, on time and within budget.”

  • Mortons Media Group

    Mortons Media Group

    “Lemur Consulting created software to our specifications and much more.

    We ended up with a service far beyond our initial expectations, and look forward to using Lemur again in the near future.”

  • Venda


    Extensions to existing search engine including e-commerce features, distributed indexing, numeric or string sorting and automatic thesaurus:

    “Lemur Consulting help us develop impressive new search features to complement our market-leading business commerce solution, adapting quickly to new requirements as our customers request them.”

  • Citywebwatch


    Creation of a customised web spider for gathering financial and other news.

  • Accenture


    Development, installation and support of search-related J2EE components within a high-demand national website.