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London Enterprise Search Meetup – Databases vs. Search and Taxonomies

Back to London for the next Enterprise Search Meetup, this time featuring Stefan Olafsson of TwigKit and Jeremy Bentley of Smartlogic.

Stefan started off with a brief look at relational databases and search engines, and whether the latter can ever supersede the former. He talked about how modern search technologies such as Apache Solr share many of the same features as the new generation of NoSQL databases, but how in practise one often seems to end up with a combination of search engine and relational database – an experience we share, although we have a small number of customers who have entirely moved away from databases in favour of a search engine.

Jeremy’s talk was an in-depth look at Smartlogic’s products, which include taxonomy creation and management tools, and are designed to complement search engines such as Solr or the GSA. Some interesting points here including the assertion that ‘we trust our content to systems that know nothing about our content’ – i.e. word processors, content storage and management systems – and that we rely on users to add consistent metadata. Smartlogic’s products promise to automate this metadata creation and he had some interesting examples such as the NHS Choices website.

Some interesting discussions followed on the value of taxonomies. Our view is that open taxonomy resources such as Freebase are better than those developed and kept private within organisations, as this can prevent duplication and promote cooperation and the sharing of information. Also, taxonomies often seem to be introduced as a way to fix a broken search experience – maybe fixing the search should be a higher priority.

Thanks to Tyler Tate for organising the event – the tenth in this series of Meetups, and now a regular and much anticipated event in the calendar.

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April 14th, 2011

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Replacing relational databases with search engines for simple lookups

One of the things we often notice about existing systems based on relational databases (RDB) is that as they scale to millions of items, simple lookup tasks become slow and inefficient. These tasks don’t usually require complicated database operations, so in most cases it is possible to relocate the data from the RDB into a search engine like Flax.

Consider a system where a search engine has already been implemented to search textual product information, but numerical data on each product, such as price, is still being stored in a RDB. Users will often need filters on search results such as ’show me items under £10′ and so a RDB operation similar to ‘SELECT productID FROM products WHERE price<£10‘ will be needed, in addition to the search engine query. Modern search engines like Flax implement range search functions, so that numerical information can be added to documents, and it is thus possible to carry out this operation in the search engine as part of the full-text search for the product information.

We’ve noticed with several clients that it is now possible to move all their data from the original RDB into the search engine. This can obviously lead to cost savings, as only one system must be hosted, maintained and backed up, and scaling out can be far simpler.

Another way to look at this is to consider a search engine as an example of a document-oriented database.

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August 27th, 2009

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