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UK Government IT – a closed shop to SMEs and OSS?

There’s a lot of buzz currently around the UK government and its approach to IT projects (which has been historically rather poor in terms of delivery, schedules and cost). We’ve written before about an Action Plan that recommends open source and open standards, but it seems that actually implementing these is more of a problem, especially when you consider (flexible and more agile) smaller suppliers such as ourselves who may not even get a chance to compete for the business.

There’s an inquiry running currently that promises to look at this, and they have invited various people to put their views across. Unfortunately with one laudable exception these people were from (or mainly represent) very large IT companies who already supply the government and whose interest lies in maintaining the status quo.

As Mark Taylor of Sirius has already pointed out, this situation isn’t going to change until government procurement itself becomes an open process, so that we can all see how much could be wasted on outdated project management methods and overpriced closed source software.

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March 18th, 2011

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Speaking to DZone and at ECIR

I was recently interviewed by Mitchell Pronschinske for the DZone website on the subjects of open source search: you can download the podcast here. It’s part of a large resource they have on open source search, well worth a browse. We discussed how open source enterprise search has reached parity with closed source solutions, the various options available and what future developments might be.

You can also hear me talk at the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) in Dublin, as part of Industry Day on Thursday 21st April alongside speakers from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and IBM amongst others. Do get in touch if you’re attending and would like to meet up for a chat about search over a pint of Guinness!

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March 10th, 2011

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