Bicycles, beer and bands – the first Cambridge Enterprise Search Meetup

Last night we held the first of what we hope will be a series of Meetups in our home town of Cambridge, U.K. Attending were researchers, developers and entrepreneurs in the field of search - as is the norm in Cambridge many had cycled to the venue, and there was a friendly and informal feel to the group. We started with my presentation on "Searching news media with open source software", where I talke...Continue reading

Enterprise Search London – Financial applications, SBA book and Solr searching 120m documents

Another excellent evening as part of the Enterprise Search London Meetup series; very busy as usual. Amir Dotan started us off with details of his work in designing user interfaces for the financial services sector, describing some of the challenges involved in designing for a high-pressure and highly regulated environment. Although he didn't talk about search specifically we hear...Continue reading

Open Source action in UK government

I've been reading the revised Open Source, Open Standards and ReUse: Government Action Plan - it's surprising (and heartening) to see this has existed in one form or another since as far back as 2004. The key changes for this version are:

  • suppliers have to show evidence they've considered open source options - hopefully this will be more than a quick trawl through S...Continue reading