A revolution indeed

I’m at the Lucene Revolution conference in Boston, USA for the next few days – and it’s aptly named. If there’s anyone out there who still doubts that open source search is a serious alternative to a commercial engine, the numbers and other information coming out of this event will be convincing. Twitter are now using Lucene to handle a billion queries a day; LinkedIn and SalesForce.com are already veterans with similarly huge installations. The conversations I’m having and overhearing are about billions of documents, tens of thousands of users, all easily handled by open source search.

The other big news here is that Lucid Imagination have released software to fill in most if not all of the gaps between Lucene/Solr and the closed-source competition – it’s called LucidWorks Enterprise and adds a detailed administration UI, a REST API, crawlers, scaling functionality and much more. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a demo and showing it off when back in the UK.

There’s an optimistic, buzzing energy at this event – a real feeling that we’re here at the beginning of something big. More revolutionary news to come!

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