Autumn events

Autumn seems to be conference season: first is the Lucene Revolution event in Boston, USA from October 7th-8th, where I'll be on the closing panel whose subject is "Data Crossroads - At The Intersection Of Search And Open Source". Next is the British Computer Society's Search Solutions 2010 in London on October 21st, where I'm giving a presentation titled "What's the story with ope...Continue reading

Open source search engines and programming languages

So you're writing a search-related application in your favourite language, and you've decided to choose an open source search engine to power it. So far, so good - but how are the two going to communicate? Let's look at two engines, Xapian and Lucene, and compare how this might be done. Lucene is written in Java, Xapian in C/C++ - so if you're using those languages respectively, everything should be relatively simple - j...Continue reading

Revolutions and interviews

This October I've been invited to speak at Lucene Revolution, a conference on open source search to be held in Boston, USA. I'll be part of the closing panel on October 8th, together with speakers from Lucid Imagination and Exalead. It looks like a very interesting event, with speakers from IBM, Cisco, LinkedIn and the Smithsonian. As part of the run-...Continue reading