Open Source Search Event

We sponsored Open Source Search Cambridge last week, which went very well, with attendees from as far away as Tokyo and New Zealand, a great variety of talks, presentation and networking and some excellent food!

Shane Evans from mydeco gave a detailed talk on Creating a product search engine, with some interesting details on how query-independent weights are calculate. He was followed by Olly Betts on How Gmane is implemented using Xapian – 72 million messages indexed on a single server! We also had talks from those involved with the Cheshire3 XML search engine, PuppyIR, project to develop search frameworks for children, and found out more about how Glasses Direct have implemented their search using SOLR.

The afternoon consisted of a number of well-attended seminars on search topics, such as comparisons of the various open source search engines available. The day ended with informal networking in a nearby pub.

Based on the feedback we got, there’s definitely interest in a similar event next year – watch this space.

Update: sounds like Search Solutions 2009 was also a good day.

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