Distributed search and partition functions

For most applications, Xapian/Flax's search performance will be excellent to acceptable on a single machine of reasonable spec (see here for a discussion of CPU and RAM requirements). However, if the document corpus is unusually large - more than about 20 million items - then one server may not be enough for acceptable speed. Xapian provides a mechanism called remote backends which lets the load be shared ov...Continue reading

Flax stack and pre-built binaries

We've updated the Flax website with a page showing the Flax software stack - hopefully this will go some way towards explaining how Xapian, Xappy and parts of Flax all fit together. There's still lots in development so expect some more news later this month. As part of this, we've created a new page bringing together all the Win32 files for Xapian that we maintain - including some pre-built binaries for those of you who don't want to compile Xapian yourself. We're working on creating one-clic...Continue reading

Xapian Search Architecture

This is not strictly a Flax post, but is intended to clarify the Xapian search architecture for people using Xapian directly. It's not intended for experienced Xapian hackers, neither is it a general introduction to using Xapian (see here instead). The Xapian API is fairly complex, and there is often confusion about the role of the QueryParser, terms, document values, document data etc. in indexing and searching. It is probably worth pointi...Continue reading