If your business depends on customers or staff finding information quickly and accurately, you need effective search~ We are experts in all aspects of search: from migrations from legacy systems, to building fast & scalable indexes, tuning search relevance and creating elegant user interfaces~ We offer on-site visits to discuss your project and can also carry out proof-of-concept studies - we also offer training and support for the leading open source search engines~ The Flax Team believes that Open Source software is the best choice for implementing search engines, as it allows for rapid, flexible development based on proven technology~ Providing continuous improvement and preventing vendor lock-in, the Open Source model also offers great value for money


Flax provides independent open source search, data ingestion,
classification and taxonomy solutions, using software such as Apache Lucene/Solr and Elasticsearch.

Our clients are from a wide range of sectors including biotechnology, e-commerce, government, intranet search, legal, media monitoring, news and media and recruitment. Whether your requirement is to sell products, publish news, organise your data, monitor the media, match resources to opportunities or simply provide a powerful and accurate search engine, we can help.

Based in Cambridge U.K. and with a network of international partners, we work with organizations across the world to tune their existing systems or to design and develop new applications.

Latest News From The Blog

Faster bulk indexing in Elasticsearch

We recently did some work for Arachnys who provide data on a wide range of emerging markets. Their data, gathered by a complex process of web crawling, is stored in HBase and served out of a 10-node Elasticsearch cluster. Periodically, … More

Elasticsearch Meetup – Spark, postcodes and Couchbase

Three speakers for this month’s Elasticsearch Meetup (slides now up), kindly hosted by JustEat’s technical department. Neil Andrassy kicked us off with a talk about how TheFilter (which you may know counts Peter Gabriel as an investor) use Apache Spark … More

London Lucene/Solr Usergroup – website search and indexing the cloud

This week’s London Lucene/Solr Meetup was hosted by asset management company BlackRock who also provided our first speakers. BlackRock manages an astonishing $4.7 trillion in assets (that’s more than the GDP of Germany) and operates 90 different websites with around … More

Real-time full-text search with Luwak and Samza

This is an edited transcript of a talk given by Alan Woodward of Flax and Martin Kleppmann at FOSDEM 2015. It was originally published on the Confluent blog. Traditionally, search works like this: you have a large corpus of documents, … More

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